Beach Coworking Pass Thu 10th Oct

Have you ever sat in your office, wistfully looking out the window, wishing you could just work in the sunshine? Have to go to the office, but would prefer to go to the beach? Now you can do both. Calling all business professionals from across Hobsons Bay and surrounds looking for opportunities to develop their personal network, advisors and support services.

Starting and running a business is not easy! Anyone who is a business owner and has experienced this first hand will be able to share stories of late nights and early mornings along with financial, emotional and physical challenges. Statistics show that the failure rate within the first 2 years of trading is almost 90%. However, despite these concerning statistics, the number of people wanting to start their own business continues to grow.

One of the largest challenges to creating a sustainable business is the fact that managing an early stage business can also be very lonely and the skills required are multifaceted. The majority of businesses begin with only one or two founders, and the expectation that these founders have the expertise in every aspect of business is simply not achievable. It is impossible to be an expert at everything so the skill is to focus on your core strengths (normally based around the product or service you are providing) and then develop an ecosystem of advisors and support services. This ecosystem becomes your community and support network.

You need to find a community that can help provide answers to the following questions:

• How can I make my business grow?

• Where can I meet other businesses and attend events that will support my growth?

• Where can I find a business mentor?

• How can I use marketing to grow and what would work best?

• Where can I find people that are going through the same issues that I can talk to?

• How can I look professional to clients?

Regardless of the current phase of your business (starting out, early stage or established) all the questions shown above are all relevant. This is where the Business at the Beach Pop-up can help you.

Booking a coworking desk with beachside views is free, but places are limited due to the space restrictions.

Who is Western BACE and Why are we doing this?

Western BACE’s vision is that Melbourne’s West has the support and enterprise ecosystem that rivals any major Australian city. To achieve this vision, Western BACE is a Not for Profit community driven business hub where people matter, feel a sense of belonging and are supported in striving for growth and excellence.

Within the Business at the Beach Pop-up Hub, Western BACE will bring a taster program of a number of the services we provide including co-working, events, workshops, and expert 1-1 support.

A major benefit to entrepreneurs will be the opportunities to help develop their own ecosystem and ensure that their own personal network for support and advisory grows. For many businesses using the Pop-up Hub, the space can simply create a geographical barrier between home and work, ensuring a focus on the business in a productive environment with no distractions for the week. The focus will be on delivering on our promise to help your business grow.

Business at the Beach is powered by Hobsons Bay City Council.

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