Email Lists for Small Business

Every small business, no matter the industry, needs an email list. Find out why building your list is more important than building your social media followers, how to grow your list using a combination of strategies including automation, what to email people once they’re on your list, how often to email your list, how to grow your email list (even if you don’t have a website yet) and how to catch up if you’ve had a business for a while but haven’t been regularly adding to your email list. Leave the workshop with strategies and resources that you can put into action straight away.

Pauline Caruana is the Creative Director at Marketing Mosaic, a marketing service, based in Melton, for local businesses. Pauline started the business as side gig to her corporate management job and it’s now grown to be a a full-time career helping businesses of varying sizes that are ethical, add value to the community and are people-focussed. 

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