STEAM Day – power things with code

This session is aimed at the beginner or novice coder but is also suitable for kids with some coding experience as there will be the chance to explore the functionality of the micro:bit and options to create more complex programs. Tickets for this event include Micro:bit Go Starter kit which each girl and boy will get to take home to continue learning and coding. All kids will also get to try Virtual and Augmented Reality and learn about 3D printing. Numbers are limited to 10 to ensure all kids are able to try the different technologies & challenges.

No prior experience is required and all the equipment needed is provided at the Digital BACE popup in the Atrium at Watergardens Town Centre.

The micro:bit is a handheld device which has 25 LED lights which can be used as a display, programmable buttons that can be used to control games, motion detectors and a digital compass that can be used to create interactive programs.

Kids will get a chance to assemble a small car using, a kit of parts, which is controlled by the micro:bit. Kids will use the assembled car to solve some challenges such as follow a line or move blocks into certain positions. This session is designed to enhance kid’s understanding of coding and develop logical thinking and problem solving skill. Some of the content that will be covered in the session:  

– Overview of the micro:bit and its features

– The basics of coding using visual block based language

– Motor operation and how to make the car move

– How to create blocks of code to make the micro:bit perform different tasks

Friday July 13 – Afternoon Session – 1:00pm to 4:30pm – Girls & Boys Aged 13 – 15 yrs. old – 10 Spots available 

Cost: $30 per child

Parents can try out Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for themselves, learn about 3D Printing and CNC Manufacturing.

Who is Western BACE?

Western BACE is a Not for Profit Community Driven Business Hub in Melbourne’s West where people matter, feel like they belong and are supported in striving for excellence and growth.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that young people in Melbourne’s West should have opportunities that match that of any major capital city in Australia.

Digital BACE Popup is only possible thanks to the generous support of Watergardens Town Centre.

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