Video advertising 101

With over a billion users, YouTube has been a powerhouse of online video since its inception,

also since 2015 when Facebook launched native video more people are watching and sharing

videos online then ever.

It is now reported that one-third of online activity is spent watching video. With this massive shift

in the way we consume content, more brands are looking to video as a way of communicating

with customers online.

This workshop will introduce you to the world of online video advertising and explain the steps to

running you own video advertising campaigns.

We will cover:

● Major Online Video Advertising platforms

● Types of video advertisements

● How to target audiences

● Best practices for video and how to measure the results of your campaigns.

About SBP

We have a passion for creating engaging digital content and using it to help organisations

connect with their audiences. We focus on understanding our client’s objectives & goal then

develop and implement online marketing strategies to achieve them.

SBP Creative Media is a Melbourne based digital marketing agency that assists businesses to

reach online audiences using a range of digital content.

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