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Tech Heroes School Holiday Club

Monday 28th to Friday 9th July

The City of Melton Tech Heroes June School Club created by Western BACE and powered by the City of Melton Libraries Teams. Girls and boys ages 5-15 from City of Melton can join a range of free self-paced Robotics Lending, Pop-up, Coding, Design, Tech, intermediate and advanced challenges specifically designed, to encourage creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration, Guided by the Western BACE STEM Squad, participants will have access to group and 1-1 support and robotic kits by the Western BACE STEM Lending Library.


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#StartWest – June Breakfast Meetup

Wednesday 30th June 8AM

#StartWest is shaking things up a little this month. We’re changing up our evening meetup format for a breakfast meetup, where we’ll be joined by some of the most innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial minded founders and business owners in our community.

More information to come regarding if this event will be conducted in person or online.




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E-commerce Incubator Information Session

Monday 29th March 6pm-7pm

Got questions about the E-commerce Incubator? Join us at our upcoming info-session and learn more!

Western BACE is now accepting applications for its E-commerce Incubator, designed to support 10 early-stage and/or existing E-commerce (online) businesses looking to expand to build, launch, and grow a sustaining business.

During this info session our team will make sure that no question will remain unanswered. If you are an existing e-commerce business owner and or just starting out? The Incubation will get you going!



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#StartWest – March Meetup

Wednesday 31st March 6pm-8pm

Calling all entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and aspiring business owners!

It’s been a roller-coaster ride; they say third time is a charm! This month #StartWest will be an in-person meetup. So, here’s an opportunity to step away from behind the screen, grab a beer and start your 2021! Participants will have the opportunity to connect and reconnect with other like-minded business owners across Melbourne with your fellow peers again!

Join us and hear from our inspiring speakers as they share their ideas, experiences & insights on overcoming challenges for success. Come along to hear their stories, learn, get inspired and re-

Why not join us on Wednesday evening for an interactive catch up with like-minded business owners, who are keen to help and support you on your business journey?


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Tech Heroes School Holiday Club

Monday 11 to Friday 22 January

The City of Melton Tech Heroes School Holiday Club created by Western BACE and powered by the City of Melton Libraries Team is back for the Term 3 Holidays. Girls and Boys Aged 5-15 from the City of Melton can join in a range of free self-paced Robotics, Coding, Design and Tech challenges over two weeks from home. Tech Support is provided and, no prior experience required. Space is limited so bookings is essential.



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